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JMD Beverages, LLC, was founded by the Doty family, a "kama'aina" (long time resident of Hawaii) family. The Doty's have been involved in the wholesale liquor business since 1958 and have owned their own wholesalership since 1963. From 1972 through July of 1996, The Doty's were the Anheuser-Busch distributor for the State of Hawaii.

In 2004, John Doty, along with long time JMD employees, Alan Jahns and David Nip, purchased JMD Beverages from the Doty Family.

JMD Beverages has one of the most attractive, prestigious wine portfolios in Hawaii. We represent properties from all the major wine producing regions of the world with an emphasis on upscale, family owned wineries.

In 2012, Paradise Beverages, Inc. acquired JMD Beverages.

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